Want to Become the ONE? Master These Skills to Become a Rock Star Business Leader

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I attended an event at a huge ballroom with over 500 people in attendance and others still trickling in. I was to meet with a specific person and then leave so I sat near the back of the room so I could sneak out of the room inconspicuously.
Suddenly there was a lot of activity near one of the entrance doors. When I looked back to see what all of the commotion was about, I realized that it was him - THE ONE. He had stopped everyone in the room and as he walked toward the front of the room all eyes turned to watch. He stopped to greet several people; nodding and shaking hands as he made his way to the front of the room.
We all know the one when we see him or her. It's that person with such amazing charisma that it captures the attention of everyone in the room. They exude confidence and leadership. And, in the boardroom, at the annual office party, or at a cocktail client reception, they are always professionally dressed impeccably and appropriately.
Can't put your finger on the one thing that makes the one, the one? That's because there isn't just one trait but a set of leadership qualities resulting in executive presence that has been developed over time to make them stand out above the rest. Your executive presence is the faith and trust that others have in your abilities and expertise. Professionals with executive presence exude confidence and have the ability to ignite and persuade. These leaders are in tune to the needs of others and seem to know exactly what to do in any given business situation.
However, there's no magic or special quality needed to get closer to your leadership goals in your organization, field or industry. To develop executive presence it is important to understand what leadership qualities you currently possess and where you should place your development focus.
Here are some of the most common leadership characteristics that you can cultivate NOW:
  1. Effective communications: The ONE can clearly, concisely and convincingly communicate. They understand the importance of both verbal and non-verbal cues and easily express themselves to an audience of one or auditorium of one thousand.

  2. Image & executive presence: These leaders have a style and professional image that is polished and professional. They consistently dress appropriately for any professional function and their image conveys trust and communicates their expertise. In addition, they demonstrate an understanding of the standards in which business people operate, communicate and collaborate.

  3. Calm demeanor: She exudes a quiet confidence and approach a challenge in a way that is logical, and collected. This demeanor communicates that you are in control even in challenging situations.

  4. Emotional intelligence: The One has a high EQ and can understand, identify and manage emotions in positive ways and has a tremendous ability to sympathize with others and diffuse conflict. Click here for an in depth Forbes piece on developing this trait.

  5. Body language: Remember the song lyric "Let me hear your body talk?" Well it does and no matter what you say your body language speaks volumes about how you really feel. Learn how to control and use nonverbal gestures and movements to reinforce your message.

  6. Self-reflection: The One knows how to dig deep and examine their values, goals, and identify areas of growth and improvement. They don't wait for others to identify where they can get better, they actively seek opportunities to learn grow and get better.
Becoming the one is not magic. Take the time to cultivate these skills and watch the rise of your executive presence and opportunities.

By Tonya Seavers Evans

It is a very nice ecommerce site which you can very easily use to build an online store.

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Though Cafe Press is a good free service, it lacks in some important features that are very much essential for building an online store. There are websites such as eBay's Prostores which is an excellent ecommerce solution from eBay, the giant of all online stores.  A web host can help launch ecommerce sites for free or for a small monthly fee through it's create online store feature.

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The owner's advantage in some countries, starting an 3d online store is as easy as creating a new blog. A physical store is a more demanding field because aside from business permits and requirements, owners have to literally maintain the store and manage people. Having an online store only entails managing a website, not a physical store. The online automotive portals make it an easier job for common laymen to locate the dealers for old cars. Some of the best-known cheap car cheap 3d model for sale online are Ford Model A, Chevrolet Camaro RS muscle, Ford Victoria, Ford Mustang muscle, Ford High boy muscle cars, Ford thunderbird muscle, Ford Super Deluxe, Chevrolet Camaro muscle cars and many more models.

It is very important that you do some online research and check out possible competition before you start the online store. There are many people who have homemade products. You can realize your online opportunity to make money on the internet, by stocking them with store-bought inventory. Now that you have decided what to sell, next question is how to host your online store. Be careful when you choose your store hosting.

5 Career Options for Fashion Design Degree Holders

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Society and parents in general tend to be wary towards encouraging people to work in Fashion for good reason. Firstly, they are right about the industry's highly selective employment. They're also right when they say that Fashion is "not what it seems" even though they probably have no idea what they really talking about. But before you decide to throw in the towel and take up accounting courses, or look for a no-brainer 9-5 job, here are a few fashion design careers to consider!

The Popular Path
A fashion designer's job seems to be surrounded by the glitz and glamour of having your works appearing on glossy magazines and the season's hottest celebrities. It's a no-brainer that people want to be fashion designers just like how some covet to be millionaires. To take this career path, you need a strong design portfolio. Prior work experience in fashion will be an advantage. So this is where being an intern during your holidays pay off.
There are two kinds of Fashion Designers:

The In-house Designer
You will work with a fashion company and design clothes according to their guidelines. The company will own the rights to your designs while you draw a monthly salary from them. Depending on the scale of the company, you may work alone or with a team. Be an in-house designer if you have plans to join the big wigs like Fendi, Gucci, Prada or Louis Vuitton.

The Freelancer
Freelancers work for themselves and sell their designs to fashion houses, directly to shops or to manufacturers. After building a good name, you'll probably start getting people commissioning you for design work. Freelance Designers have the flexibility of work hours and tend to command higher wages, but keep in mind that financial stability is at high risk. If you're just starting out, it's best to work as an in-house designer for some experience first before attempting a freelance career.

Other Possible Paths
Most people don't study fashion design specifically to join these ranks, but if you found that designing isn't your cup of tea somewhere through your course; these are jobs in the industry that you can consider:
Fashion Buyer:
You will be responsible for travelling around and buying suitable fashions for shops or departmental stores. Your knowledge in Fashion Design will help you to predict trends or identify quality, giving you an edge for this job.

Fashion Journalist
You will write articles about fashion and source for newsworthy stories in your field. With in-depth fashion know-how and garment composition, you'll make a perfect critic and can dish out fantastic fashion advice.

Wedding photography
You will plan locations and carry out photoshoots with newly weds or bridal studios. By knowing the ins and outs of a fashion shoot, you can make a couple look awesome in their matrimony garb.

If you find yourself jobless long after you've graduated with your fashion design degree, all is not lost. It just means that your portfolio needs a revamp. Read up fashion magazines for inspiration and start sketching for a variety of genres. Employers judge designers by their portfolio because it's the most accurate representation of the owner that no résumé, job experience or testimonial can replace. It portrays your education, experience and personal style. With the right attitude, the possibilities are endless! If the world is not providing you with any shortcuts, the best solution is to make one yourself.

Donald, International Admissions Director of Raffles Education Corporation, a leading education provider in Asia Pacific operating 33 fashion design colleges across 30 cities in 13 countries (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand, Australia, Bangladesh, India, China, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Sri Lanka & Indonesia). Certifications such as Advanced Diploma, Bachelor and Master Degrees are also offered for various design disciplines such as visual communication, animation, multimedia, interior design, product design, jewellery design, biomedical, infocomm security and early childhood.